Faith Baptist Church


  • The Flock

    In my previous blog I took the time to share my thoughts as a Pastor concerning life in general. I would like to expand this thinking further. I wrote on the priorities of a Pastor: first and foremost the Pastor must work on his relationship with God, his family and his flock.Suppose all is well […]

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  • Pastor’s Mind

    Have you ever wondered what goes on in a Pastor’s mind? Well I’m about to tell you; I’m going to give you a brief glimpse into my thoughts ― telling you what is in my own heart. First and foremost on my mind is my continuing relationship with the Lord. I trusted in Jesus Christ […]

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  • Hunger

    Are you hungry? I am ― I am spiritually hungry. Let me explain. I’m hungry for God to work; I’m hungry to see God moving in my life and the lives of the people at our church. I’m hungry to see God move in Christians across the United States. We have been sitting idle far […]

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  • Life

    Lately, we seem to have become obsessed with our daily lives. I have noticed that people are living more for themselves, and what goes on immediately around them, than for anything else. Life has evolved into an all-consuming effort to reach the goal of becoming a somebody or ascending to the top of one’s field. […]

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