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Pray On!

I’ve been reading George Muller of Bristol by Arthur Pierson. Part or my reading has challenged me in regard to faith and prayer. I wanted to share this challenge with you.  I discovered the great man of prayer George Muller had his frailties in ministry. He suffered  depression and despondency at times but he learned the secret to defeat it. How many times do you and I have something happen or somebody speaks to us and we ponder it to the point of getting frustrated and depressed. Learn from the master of prayer. Muller said “When the presence of the Lord seems strangely withdrawn steadfast continuance in prayer must not be hindered.” When we feel overcome with  life and seem disconnected from God that’s when we should keep the connection open. The best maxim is the less the joy  the more need for prayer.  Talk early and often with him!  Pray people, Pray!

Posted in Blog on August 3, 2015.

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