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Selling Jesus (sort of)

I have been trying a hand at selling software for the manufacturing industry and I want to share some techniques I think we can apply to our witnessing for Jesus Christ.

1. Believe in your product! You can’t sale anything with integrity and honesty if you don’t believe it. Do you really trust Jesus or do you just say you do? Do you really believe he can change lives? Has he changed yours? If your answer is yes then start giving Jesus away as the best product on the market. He is absolutely free for the asking. He forgives, forgets and cleanses from sin. He drops bucket loads of grace and gives you a  home in heaven. So proclaim Him as the best!

2. Be on the lookout for prospects. It is really weird but I find myself asking people about CNC machining, 3 axis and 4 axis. So how about if you and I as Christians start asking people about Jesus. At the coffee shop is there someone who seems to be alone and needs company? Is there a hurting soul near you? How about that guy on Facebook who might have questions. Someone in the hospital? Look for prospects and ask them about Jesus! Ask them their background, their thoughts on Christ, opinions about right and wrong. Actively seek prospects.

3. Be friendly and serve your contact, have their best interest in mind. When I started calling people I tried to be friendly and let them know we are trying to serve them with our product.  The same thing is true of our Christianity but, with Christ he really has the best life  for people. So serve people and let them know that you and Jesus have their best interest at heart.

4. Don’t get discouraged! Not everyone buys but, that doesn’t mean we ever stop selling. Keep speaking the Gospel to all who will listen because God prepares the heart.  God will bring them to himself so  just do you part and proclaim him.

5.  Pray, I know we do. I am blessed to work with three great Christian guys and we try to pray together before we start each day and when we get a sale we glorify God together for his blessings. Pray for souls and when you see God work praise him with other Christians.

So lets go team sell Jesus (sort of).

Posted in Blog on February 24, 2015.

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